Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Captain Kids Triathlon?

The Captain Kids Triathlon at Moody Gardens is one of the only stand alone kid’s triathlon in the area. It consists of a safe swim in the Lazy River at Palm Beach, a safe bike throughout the beautiful Moody Gardens property and a fun run on the Moody Gardens grounds finishing with a loop through Palm Beach and a stroll through Pirates Alley! The main goals of the race directors are to provide a safe atmosphere for the kids to enjoy a race of their own!

How old is my PIRATE?

Your Pirate will either be classified as a MiniMate or a Mate. MiniMates are ages 6-10. Mates are ages 11-14. Your PIRATE’S age will be the age he/she is at the end of this calendar year - 12/31/2018. If your PIRATE turns 15 years old at any time during 2015, he/she will not be eligible to compete in this event.

What are the race distances?

MiniMate distances – 100 meter swim – 2 mile bike – ½ mile run

Mate distances – 200 meter swim – 4 mile bike – 1 mile run

Who Qualifies for the Captains Wave?

If your athlete is on a racing team, has a coach, routinely places in other youth races and wants to test their skills against the other experienced athletes, then they qualify to compete in the Captains Wave. They should be familiar with all aspects of triathlon, including rules and regulations for youth triathlons (drafting, spacing, passing, etc). They should have competed in a number of triathlons PRIOR to this event. If you are unsure, ask your coach or please feel free to email the Captain Kids Crew and we will be glad to discuss with you.


Note: A race timeline will be posted on the race site. Upon completion of their race, athletes in the Captain Wave will not be permitted to re-enter transition until the last finisher of the Mates Race is finished.


What time should I be at the race site?

You should get to the race site as early as possible. There will be over 500 kids setting up their transitions. The transition area will open for all athletes at 5:30 AM. Bike numbers should be placed on the bike BEFORE entering transition.  Please remember that your PIRATE must also be body marked that morning (volunteers will be there to help) and they must get their timing chip on race morning. Please plan accordingly. The transition area will be closed at 7:00 AM for the Mates and 7:15 for the MiniMates.

Will I be able to assist my PIRATE in transition before the race?

YES, however, only one adult will be allowed in the transition area to help your PIRATE set up their transition area. Please wear your bracelet if you plan to accompany your child in transition. Once their transition area is ready to go, please be considerate of the other competitors and clear the transition area.

Will my PIRATE be safe throughout the race?

ABSOLUTELY! We have recruited the finest Deckhands to help the Captain and his crew. The swim is in a restricted area with Palm Beach Lifeguards. The bike course will be well staffed with Deckhands as well. There will be a sag vehicle for anyone who may need it. Also, Bicycle World of Houston will have bike support before the race and during the race. They will have technicians roaming the bike course to make sure your PIRATE returns to T2 safely. The run is also lined with Deckhands and includes one water station. We will have Deckhands continuously monitoring the run course to encourage your PIRATE to get to the Finish Line at Pirates Alley. NOTE: You MUST have your matching bracelet provided at Packet Pick-up to collect your child after the finish line – NO EXCEPTIONS! This is for yours and your PIRATES security. We ask that someone be at the finish line to get your PIRATE out of the pen after they finish.

How do I reconcile with my PIRATE after the race?

After your PIRATE crosses the finish line, they will be corralled into a finishing pen. In your PIRATES race package, there will be 2 matching bracelets. One MUST be worn by your PIRATE and the other MUST be worn by the person collecting your child. For everyone’s safety, there will be no exceptions to this rule. We ask that you become familiar with the finishing area before your PIRATE begins their race.

When will my PIRATE be done?

The Mates will walk the plank first this year. We will begin the race at approximately 7:30AM. The MiniMates will be called to the transition area after the last Mate completes the bike portion of the race. We will not start the MiniMates before the last Mate finishes the race. We anticipate the Mates to be done around 8:30AM. Once they are finished, we will gather the MiniMates and prepare them to walk the plank as soon as the course is safe to compete. Please refer to the Schedule of Events for more details.

What should I expect on race day?

You should expect to see 550 of the happiest PIRATES in the world as they compete in a fun, safe atmosphere. A lot of preparation has been put into the safety of your PIRATE. The course is fun and fast. Please arrive early and stay for the post race festivities at Palm Beach.

Will there be an awards ceremony after the race?

YES!! New for this year, we will have an awards ceremony inside Palm Beach. We are planning on starting the awards at approximately 11am. We ask that each participant clear the transition area of all their belongings before going to the awards ceremony so the Captain and his crew can clean up.

How can I pick up my PIRATE’S bike after the race?

You must have your PIRATES race number to collect their bike and gear after the race. There will be NO Exceptions. Your PIRATE does not have to be with you to collect their gear. The Transition area will be open to all athletes after the race after the last MiniMate has safely completed the bike course. Please have patience with our Deckhands as we begin to clear transition.

What time will Palm Beach be open after the race?

Palm Beach will be open from 10 AM – 3PM. You must have a wristband on to enter Palm Beach after the race. Entry is restricted to athletes and three other guests/family members. Concessions will be open and lifeguards will be on hand to monitor the water park.  Coolers are NOT permitted inside Palm Beach.

Who can enter Palm Beach after the race?

The Captain has reserved Palm Beach for the day for a private party. Only athletes, family and friends (3 other than the athlete) that have the appropriate wristband can enter the park. The wristbands will be provided in your PIRATES race package.

Where is the best place to watch my PIRATE race?

One unique part of the Captain Kids Triathlon is the layout of the course, allow you to easily move from one area to another to watch your PIRATE complete each part of the race. Please note that certain areas of Palm Beach are restricted to the athletes ONLY.  Rest assured you can easily see your PIRATE as they exit the swim area to enter T1.  Please stay out of the way of the athletes as they complete the race. No outside assistance is allowed. Most of the Deckhands are experienced triathletes and can assist your PIRATE in completing the race. You won’t want to miss the finish line as your PIRATE collects his or her treasure! 

What is the Schedule of Events?

Please refer to the Schedule of Events section of the website. We will update it as things change.

Is Captain Kids Triathlon Timed?

YES!! RunFAR timing will be timing the event again this year. Please remember that your PIRATE must get their chip on race morning under the appropriate banner. The chip is to be worn on the left ankle. If you need assistance, please ask. Final results will be posted after the race and a link to results will be sent out as soon as available.

How can I become a Deckhand?

The Captain is always looking for more Deckhands to make up his crew. If you wish to help out, please follow the link to the Deckhand sign up page on the website.  We’ll provide you with a tshirt as well!

I cannot be at the race but I would like to help – what can I do?

The Captain is always looking for sponsors or donations. Please give to the Race Charity – Live Love Landon. Landon’s story and a link to donate can be found on the event website. It is a great cause and extra support is always welcome!

How do I become a sponsor of Captain Kids Triathlon?

The Captain is always looking for more sponsors for the race. If you would like to become a part of the Captain Kids Triathlon, please contact us through our website or message us on our facebook page. We would appreciate any assistance or donation.